Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not!”

Some of you might recognise the series of books the one above belongs to. My son loves them so imagine his surprise when he leafed through this latest copy only to find both his Dad’s name and image half way through!

simple, effective and cheap reflector/diffuser holders!

Product and macro photographers are rather forced into having a reflector and diffuser fetish.. I regularly set up shots using 7 or 8 reflectors, flags, scrims and diverse diffusers and have often torn my hair out trying to position one “just so”. You would have thought that numerous companies would have produced a multitude of cheap solutions to the problem but actually, not really! Manfrotto has a few hideously expensive articulated arms, 6-8 of which would set you back about a grand or more! There are some Chinese companies that produce a couple of gooseneck products but either the necks are two week or the clamps are, so they’re not particularly effective, even at £20 a pop. So now let me share a top tip that I recently discovered: I give you the Lonzoth Universal Phone Holder Clip! These are very simple plastic covered wire goosenecks to hold mobile phones but with a few big differences.

  • The goosenecks themselves are incredibly strong and actually need a bit of effort to bend into place. That means, however, that they’ll support the weight of anything you’re likely to use as a reflector and then some! OK, the phone clip is not designed to hold pieces of card and therefore could be a tad strong but it does work and is easily modified to be stronger if necessary.
  • They have screw down clamps to attack to the table, which unlike clips, actually stay in place!
  • You can purchase them in white, which means they won’t reject weird and wonderful colours all round your shooting table or subject.
  • Finally, they’re £7.99 a piece, a veritable bargain for something this useful.

So there you go. Simple, effective and cheap reflector/diffuser holders!

photographers meet new “general data protection regulation”

The new GDPR legislation becomes law in May of this year and few photographers are yet fully aware of its impending  implications upon their business. It’s worth having a read of the links here as the effects of this are likely to be more far reaching than many will have anticipated. In this article one photographer aims to give an overview of how wedding photography business practices will be changed quite significantly and the potential risks of non-compliance.

video – an introduction to macro photography

In 2015 Matt Granger published this video aimed at beginners wanting to begin their journey into macro photography. Worth a watch if that’s you.

fridays’ image – northern white tailed bee – vivitar 55mm f/2.8 auto-macro (komine) @ f/16

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