booking instructions

There are two types of workshops that can be booked: Full Day or Half Day (Please see the full price-list for all our rates). The calendar on the booking page will show you which kind of workshops can be booked on which day and date. On the workshop prices page, in the first tab, you’ll find a list of all the different kinds of workshop subjects that we regularly run. In the other 3 tabs you’ll find the standard prices as well as those for over 60s and students.

First of all, choose whether you want to book a full day or a half day workshop and on which date. Then reserve your workshop by following the instructions and paying your £50 non-refundable deposit. Once done, simply send us an email letting us know your chosen subject for that workshop so we know what we’ll be teaching you that day. If you need a bespoke workshop specific to your needs, just email or phone us and we’ll work with you to tailor your workshop.

If you book a single workshop ticket we will assume that you’re booking a 1 to 1 workshop. If you’re booking a group workshop then please let us know and we will contact you with further instructions.

Group workshops that are already scheduled but have tickets available with be shown as such. They will show what subject will be covered, whether they are half day or full day, the location they will take place at and if there are tickets still available for that workshop. If the system allows you to book a ticket then there were tickets available.

Regardless of the cost of the workshop you want to book, you’ll be asked at the point of reservation to make a £50 non-refundable deposit payment. The remainder of your workshop cost will be paid on the morning of the workshop by either cheque, cash or credit card via PayPal. If you have residual funds in your PayPal account you’re welcome to use those. (If you have a workshop voucher, please bring it with you to the workshop and use it as part payment for the remaining balance of your workshop fees.)

1. To book your workshop first find a date that suits you on the calendar. When you’ve found a suitable date that contains a free workshop slot (shown in turquoise), simply select it by clicking on that day. (Fully booked workshops are shown in red)

2. Next, select the appropriate workshop you’d like to book.

3. Fill in the four required fields (first name, last name, email and telephone number) and then click the “Book and pay” button.

4. In the next window, please check that all the details you entered are correct and then click the “Confirm and pay” button.

5. Finally, either log into your existing Paypal account, create a new account or simply check out as a guest using your credit card without creating an account. Follow the detailed instructions on screen and when prompted please confirm your payment. Once done, an email will be sent to you automatically giving you all the relevant details of the workshop you just booked including dates and times and you’ll also be able automatically to add the date to your Google Calendar should you run one. All done!

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