We create and provide bespoke and personalised photography workshops for both basic and intermediate levels. These can be tailored to suit your specific, individual needs and can even be conducted in the comfort of your own home. The Beginners workshop is designed to take you from turning on your camera to how to choose a lens to how to shoot, edit, save and publish your images. Our intermediate workshops will help you proceed to the next level and will deal with specific genres such as macro photography, landscape, portrait or product.

The workshops are friendly, fun and informal, designed to allow you to learn in your own time, at your own pace and (if you’d prefer) in your own home. We want you to be able to relax and ask all the questions you need to be answered, without any pressure. Whether you’re using a compact camera, bridge camera or a full Digital SLR, by the end of the basic workshop you’ll be confident in finding your way round your camera, lenses and image editing software and be able to go away equipped with a solid photographic foundation upon which to build. When you understand your camera as well as the base fundamentals of photography, there are few hobbies that can provide such incredible satisfaction and joy, especially for those of us so blessed as to live on this stunningly beautiful island of ours.

Full day workshops normally run from circa 10am until 4pm but if we need a little more time or accidentally run over, that’s fine; we want the workshops to be value for money and that means our clients getting from the workshops exactly what they need.

Call Duncan on 0800 2980152 (this is a free number that will connect to both my office and my mobile phone) for further information and to book your workshop.

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