anyone recognise these images @ Gettys?

Eagle eyed readers might recognise the image showcased on Getty Images above.. 2 from this series are on the home page of this site! The image comes from a set of 3 which depicts a poor little money spider that had become trapped and encapsulated on the washing line in our garden in Surrey in 2016.

It was the most nerve-racking shoot ever as I used an all manual Laowa 60mm macro lens, camera was on a tripod but it was still windy and the washing line kept moving. I was extremely aware that not only was it difficult to capture the moving target, the raindrop containing the deceased spider could drop at any second and the opportunity would be gone. Fortunately it didn’t and the shot has now become a popular image and was just purchased by a children’s book company in the US for one of their new book series.

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