simple, effective and cheap reflector/diffuser holders!

Product and macro photographers are rather forced into having a reflector and diffuser fetish.. I regularly set up shots using 7 or 8 reflectors, flags, scrims and diverse diffusers and have often torn my hair out trying to position one “just so”. You would have thought that numerous companies would have produced a multitude of cheap solutions to the problem but actually, not really! Manfrotto has a few hideously expensive articulated arms, 6-8 of which would set you back about a grand or more! There are some Chinese companies that produce a couple of gooseneck products but either the necks are two week or the clamps are, so they’re not particularly effective, even at £20 a pop. So now let me share a top tip that I recently discovered: I give you the Lonzoth Universal Phone Holder Clip! These are very simple plastic covered wire goosenecks to hold mobile phones but with a few big differences.

  • The goosenecks themselves are incredibly strong and actually need a bit of effort to bend into place. That means, however, that they’ll support the weight of anything you’re likely to use as a reflector and then some! OK, the phone clip is not designed to hold pieces of card and therefore could be a tad strong but it does work and is easily modified to be stronger if necessary.
  • They have screw down clamps to attack to the table, which unlike clips, actually stay in place!
  • You can purchase them in white, which means they won’t reject weird and wonderful colours all round your shooting table or subject.
  • Finally, they’re £7.99 a piece, a veritable bargain for something this useful.

So there you go. Simple, effective and cheap reflector/diffuser holders!

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